a language game based on The Tower of Babel - ARGuing project

Some replicants have landed on the earth and they are going to destroy our world. They are going to destroy all our cities, books, songs and music in order to cancel every memory of it.

We don't want this to happen, do we? We must therefore get ready and do something.

I have prepared some activities which will help us preserve the memory of what we most love.

You are asked to follow all the instructions in order to acquire some badges. The more you get, the closer you'll be to save the world.

Each activity is kind of guessing game: you have to find out the solution. After completing all the activities, you'll have to find out the element all of them have in common and which is the one that can destroy the replicants.

Only the ones that will find it out, will get the GOLDEN BADGE and they will be the HEROES of the world.

I will post all the instructions regarding the activities on this wiki. Check the pages and follow the instructions very carefully. Every time your work is ready, you'll upload it on your blog. If it is good, a badge will be yours!!!glitter_PC.gif glitter_food.gif