I know you can't wait to know how you will be able to get badges. Ok, here is the explanation :)

At the end of the game you will reach a level. It might be

SUPER HERO superman_badge.jpg

or HERO hero_badge.jpg

or APPRENTICE apprentice_badge.jpg

starting from the position of NEWBIE newbie_badge.jpg

and you will also get the SUPER BADGE super_badge.jpg

if you are able to find out the COMMON ELEMENT, the only one which will help us to save the world.

How can you progress from the level of Newbie to the one of Super Hero? Well, you have to complete all the activities. Each of them is worth some badges, the more badges you get, the higher you can fly. Some badges are necessary to get by. Which one? Look at the following

Badges you MUST get in every activity, if you can't get these badges, you'll get no others in the activity

1. reading badge, you'll get it after completing the first step of each activity

2. time badge, you'll get it only if you submit the work by the deadline badge_clock.jpg

Each activity can anyway allow you to get other badges

language & vocabulary badge, you'll get it if your work is correct and rich in vocabularyquality_badge.jpg

for the originality of your work badge_originality.jpg

for its professional look badge_professional.jpg

if you do more than due more_badge.jpg

If you get the most badges, which is 10, you then get a golden star star-icon.png

if you get from 7 to 9 badges, you get a silver star star-silver-icon.png

if you get from 4 to 6 badges, you get a bronze star bronze_star.jpg

if you don't complete all the steps, you won't get any stars

The level you'll reach in the end will depend on the amount of stars you have acquired.

Below you can see a diagram which should be helpful