Our school is something very precious for us and we are all fond of it. What can we do to make people remember it? Well, I've got an idea. Anyway, before talking about our school, let's see how things work somewhere else in this big world of ours. Let's go to Africa

and let's see what happens in a secondary school in Ghana.

1. Read all the information very carefully and then complete the crossword you find below. Write all the solutions on your blog. If interested of course you can read also about South Africa, Uganda and Kenya.

2. After completing the first step, read the Uganda students' mails and the Kenya students' mails
Consider what they say about their school systems and find out as many similarities and differences with yours you can.
If you find it useful, use the following compare and contrast diagram
Write about what you have found out on your blog and express some opinions about it. Read also what your mates have written and
comment on at least three blogs.
Finally illustrate your school and how it works. Use also some pictures. Upload your work on your blog.

Throughout this activity, have you found an element which you also found while looking for information about the person in Task One? :)